What is Questis?

Questis is a platform designed to give providers of financial service a way to deliver digital financial wellness to their customers without having to build a solution themselves. Questis is configurable, stable, secure, scalable, and designed with the enterprise in mind.

What is Financial Wellness?

For employees, financial wellness is holistic and is defined by people’s attitudes, actions, and habits when dealing with money. Because people take their financial worries and stress to work with them, financial wellness, or sickness, can have a profound impact on performance, absenteeism, and turnover. For employers, financial wellness is a program, or set of programs, designed to improve employees' financial behavior and outcomes while also driving business impact. Now, employers and financial institutions are looking to implement technology, professional guidance, and other programs to make meaningful, positive strides in financial wellness of their employees and the financial health of their companies at large.

Who is Questis for?

Questis is for anyone looking to provide a digital financial wellness solution to their existing or prospective customers. Targets include but are not limited to: financial institutions, consultancies, advisor groups, record-keepers, credit unions, and health/wellness providers. If you already (or are preparing to) advise, teach, or counsel people about their finances and are interested in amplifying your services to include a digital solution to keep users accountable and on track, Questis is for you.

How does Questis differ from other financial wellness solutions?

Questis offers a robust and configurable financial wellness platform that allows retirement advisors or any intermediary to quickly imagine, build, and launch a financial wellness solution all their own. Our partners can bring their own tools, content, advisors, or coaches, to name a few,  or use ours, and offer their plan sponsors and participants a solution that powers tangible change in financial behavior. Other solutions tend to favor a purely digital approach or a traditional one absent of technology. One of Questis’ unique values is that we put equal value on and firmly believe in the requirement of both for success. Questis is built for the enterprise, and allows large institutions to deploy comprehensive, branded digital financial wellness programs at scale in months, not years.

I provide advisory/401(k)/wellness/coaching/educational services to my clients, and they’ve been asking me for a digital Financial Wellness offering. Can I use the Questis platform with my advisors/coaches/educators/etc providing the human part of the service?

Yes, the Questis platform is built specifically for this situation. We act as your digital partner by offering an easy-to-use interface for your advisors to manage their clients and their progress. Similarly, users can track their activity digitally with account integration, goal setting, scheduled advisor appointments, an advisor messenger, and more.

I’m trying to increase contributions to the retirement plan I administer. How does financial wellness and Questis help me do that?

A better fund with better fees is not likely to increase retirement plan adoption. With 75% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, most employees just aren't able to increase their contributions. Financial wellness provides the opportunity to fix the most immediate financial issues, so that saving for the future becomes possible.


Can I customize the branding of the Questis platform to match my company’s?

Yes. Not only can you set the branding that users see, but you can set specific branding by each company you work with.

My client companies want to assign content (articles/videos/courses) that are a part of their wellness programs. Can these be integrated into the platform?

Yes. You can easily add custom content to the platform. You can even designate which client sees what content, thereby allowing you to easily address each company’s requirements and goals. We also have the ability to report on whether or not individual users have read or viewed certain articles or videos.

My client companies want to make sure that their employees take advantage of the benefits with which they are provided. Can we integrate those into the solution?

Yes. The Questis platform is designed to not only provide users with access to their employee benefits, but actively recommends them to users where appropriate.

Can my advisors see the user’s info?

Yes. The Questis platform is built on two basic applications: the user application, which delivers financial wellness to the user, and the QRM (Questis Relationship Manager), which advisors use to interact directly with users. This view lets advisors see the user’s pertinent financial information, schedule consultations, send direct messages, monitor progress, and more.

Would my inputs drive future feature development for the platform?

Absolutely. We constantly strive to make the platform better for users, advisors, and client companies. One of the best ways for us to do that is to solicit feedback from our customers. We make it a priority to do this regularly.

Can I integrate the Questis platform with my calendar/HRIS/Recordkeeping Platform/etc.?

Yes. Though there may be some specific integration work required for your particular solution, the Questis platform has been built to ‘play well’ with other software services.


How how do users generally get onto the platform?

When your client companies are ready to roll out, Questis can accept an employee list, eligibility file, or put together an SSO integration. From there, the application will invite the eligible employees to the application and walk them through the onboarding flow.

Can I report usage and wellness metrics back to my client companies?

Because it’s so important to demonstrate the value of your services, the Questis platform provides your client companies with access to usage and progress data relating to their employees.

What does the Questis user support system look like?

The Questis support platform is based on Zendesk, which lets your support team to work together with ours to handle user support requests. We also feature a robust knowledge base updated regularly based on actual user experiences.

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