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Digital transformation for financial advisors.

Strengthen your relationships with people and businesses. Questis is a simple solution for optimizing engagement and effectiveness, and scaling your business.

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Modernize your advisory.

Here’s how Questis helps power your digital transformation.

Make coaching scalable.

Our coaches help you empower more people, more effectively.

Grow your business.

Generate sales, scale your book, and help participants build wealth.

Heal financial fragility.

Holistic financial empowerment helps people and businesses succeed.

Manage accounts better.

Our user-friendly dashboard helps you streamline and optimize.

Personalized, predictive planning.

Use our data-driven insights to power next-gen personalization.

Demonstrate ROI and value.

Enhance client loyalty with Questis’ data reporting and insights.

Questis helps you create value in every direction^

The ROI of financial empowerment.

Questis helps you deliver ROI to employers with a solution people love.

Personalized, Predictive Planning

Our data-driven insights power next-gen personalization to fit people’s lives and help them stay ahead of problems.

Modern, Friendly User Experience

Usability makes or breaks any personal finance solution. Questis delivers the optimal blend of technology and human help.

Supported by Science

We’re all about solid behavioral science. Empathy and accessibility drive consistent engagement and help people stay motivated.

The Path to Empowerment



Track Spending
Categorize Spending
Automate Savings



Emergency Fund
Life, Health & Disability Insurance
Simple Estate Planning
Identity Theft



Credit Card Debt
Student Loans
Auto Loans



Fund Retirement
College Savings
Health Savings Account
Advanced Estate Planning

Insights for advisors.

Learn how financial empowerment helps advisors scale in a changing business environment.

“Questis allows us to be up to date with any actions taken by our participants. Whether it’s the chat feature being used for quick questions or the addition of a new user and completion of the assessment, the system allows our relationship to be that much closer.”

Brandon Cutler,
Financial Elements

“We kept running into “turnkey” solutions that couldn’t adapt to what we wanted to do. We chose Questis because they’re different. Their configurable platform helped us create a program that works for us, rather than forcing a round peg into a square hole.”

Marko Ungashick,

“Since most people rely heavily on defined contribution plans for retirement income, we need to do whatever we can to help people proactively understand their financial situations and act accordingly and Questis is an integral component of our plan to do just that. I’m so glad to have found such an aligned and passionate partner in Questis.”

Evan Hirsh, AIF®,
HB Retirement

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