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Today, in honor of January being financial wellness awareness month, Questis, a financial wellness technology (finwelltech) company, released a piece predicting what will this year will bring for the financial wellness industry. The 2018 financial wellness trends piece was developed to highlight the company’s expectations and hopes for the year ahead, along with challenging people to perhaps think about financial wellness, as they have known it, differently.

“Americans are financially more sick than ever before.The majority of people have less than $1000 saved for retirement and 50% have saved exactly nothing.” says Steve Wilbourne, Founder & CEO Questis, “The time for change is now — and that change starts with technology. We believe that people should have access to personalized, holistic, simple financial experiences, and that people will access this benefit in the workplace, namely via their retirement plan advisors.”

To read the full release, click here.

About the Author & Questis

Nicole Fletcher Zappala is the Director of Marketing for Questis. Questis is a configurable financial wellness technology (finwelltech) platform that allows retirement plan consultants to offer their clients digital financial wellness programs quickly and at scale. Whether you need to amplify your existing offering or build one from scratch, Questis offers the ability to choose the model that works best for your business. With custom branding, content packages, support offerings, integrations with existing tools and more, no matter your model, Questis is the foundation to any wellness program. Learn more at

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