New White Paper Discusses the Digital Transformation Advisors Are Experiencing

Today at the National Association for Plan Advisors (NAPA) Conference, Questis released a new white paper discussing the integral role holistic financial wellness technology plays in digital transformation for advisors. The white paper was written to reflect the notion that digital transformation is happening everywhere. Many firms are implementing new strategies to scale their businesses and market their services to a broader array of clients. Financial advising, specifically retirement advising, has been slow to get to this point. The time for firms to catch up is now — and the role of financial wellness technology in this shift is pivotal.

“It’s important to us at Questis that we keep our mission of getting meaningful financial guidance into the hands of as many people as possible top of mind always,” says Steve Wilbourne, CEO Questis, “By helping firms understand the value of a strategically planned and well executed holistic wellness program, we can help them shift their approach and models from the past into a future where we all really can do well by doing good.”

Titled, “Doing Well by Doing Good: The Key Role of Financial Wellness Technology in Digital Transformation for Advisors,” this white paper covers topics including why digital transformation is necessary, how business models and market demand are evolving, and the challenges that firms face. Further, the paper discusses the ROI opportunity for advisors, in addition to the key things firms should consider prior to deploying a program solution.

“One way to think of digital transformation is to use technology to automate process, simplify workload, and reach more people. Financial wellness technology plays a key role here but not how many people have come to think,” says Dr. Martha Menard, Senior Researcher at Questis and the author of the paper, “Technology in this context should work to automate parts of the complex journey every person needs to go through to be ‘financially well’, and leave space and time for those important parts that need more care and human attention. This white paper discusses this difference along with how advisors can thoughtfully shift their to-dos to better serve their participants and their businesses.”

Questis is dedicated to working with firms that are passionate about doing well and doing good. By optimizing and automating the pieces of the financial planning puzzle where that is possible, advisors are left with smart processes, effective digital tools, and more time required to spark real change.

To view the full press release, click here.

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