Large Percent Still Find It Difficult to Meet Financial Goals According to New White Paper

Questis has released a new white paper revealing a diverse range of employee attitudes about their financial situation and self-reported behaviors. Titled, “Money Matters,” this white paper presents a detailed picture of employee attitudes toward finances, and specific behaviors related to spending and saving, debt and credit, managing financial risk, and frequency of financial discussions.

Data for the white paper was collected from a random sample of Questis users over a three-year period from. This random sample is made up of adults employed in different industries and geographical locations throughout the United States. The anonymized respondents were divided into two groups based on the median score earned on a questionnaire about personal finance behaviors and attitudes.

The analysis of survey results shows a surprising percentage of employees, even those with relatively higher incomes, still find it difficult to meet their stated financial goals. Those with higher incomes were 3 times more likely to be frequently distracted by their financial situation than those below the median.

“People know what they need to do to be in better financial shape, but struggle with the specifics of what they need to do to make that happen,” said Steve Wilbourne, CEO of Questis. “All of that starts with technology and that’s what we’re doing - what we’re building - at Questis. The next step is delivery, which is why we work closely with advisors, coaches, and employers. At this point, they’re the ones who can most directly deliver the tools and support people need to make change happen. Only then will we see the large scale change that we, as a society, need to help people meet their personal financial goals and have a secure retirement. Education alone isn’t going to do it.”

To explore the full white paper and all its findings, download it here.

To view the press release click here.

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