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Today, Questis is proud to announce a strategic alliance with MoneyAdvice@Work®, a financial wellness platform offering coaching, custom education, and fiduciary advice services to the American worker and their families. Available only through employers, and on android and iOS devices through Google Play and iTunes, the recently released MoneyAdvice@Work® financial wellness app is a revolution in employer-sponsored benefits.

“The world needs more financial coaches and fewer sales people,” said Matthew Vandre, Coordinator, MoneyAdvice@Work® App. “And that is what we’re passionate about – financial advice in a ‘no sales’ environment. Questis is a natural partner for us. Combining Questis’ powerful technology with our experienced team of fiduciary advisers, adult educators, and family money coaches, we offer the American worker something revolutionary – a source of truly unbiased financial and investment advice!”

“Francis as a partner and Questis service provider is a perfect scenario for us,” said Steve Wilbourne, CEO, Questis. “Their MoneyAdvice@Work® program paired with our technology and configurability is simply put, a perfect match. Our companies share a strong vision and passion to change the face of the financial health landscape. At Questis, we are committed to building the best tech, tools, and product to do just that. Organizations like Francis — with their excellent people, powerful, personalized experiences, objectivity, and unwavering passion — bring the change we both seek to life in a very real way. We’re excited about this partnership.”

To read the full release, click here.

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